O.T.A.S-OverTurning Alert System

Loss of control sliding and overturning are the number one death factor in motorcycle accidents
No other existing system alerts you before entering a bend and avoids danger,

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our vision

Most of the time we all ride our motorcycle by law and by road conditions
Enough lack of attention for one second to get into a dangerous situation
our mission is to develop a smart learning system that will learn the driving behavior of this specific rider
and alert him before his driving could lead to a loss of control especially before entering the bends at a higher speed than his normal driving

The solution


entering in to high speed to curves cause Slipping and losing control and overturn of vehicles and especially motorcycles The system that will use innovative technology that predicts before entering the bend if the vehicle speeds is safe regards to the sharpness of the bend down the road, and alert the rider before entering the bend if the speed is to high And prevent losing control, Vehicle overturns cause nearly a fifth of all vehicle deaths It is utmost importance that riders and drivers identify such risks before enter the curves and avoid them.

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To be a partner in the project

To be a partner in the project
If you believe that you can contribute to the development and distribution of the project, please contact us through this website, and we would be happy  to provide further information and assistance.